James Nisbet
Second Site

Emily Cadotte
Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2021, 144 p.
James Nisbet Second Site, cover, 2021.
Photos : courtesy of Princeton University Press, Princeton
Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2021, 144 p.

The question of site was built into Land Art projects from their very emergence in the late 1970s. So, too, was their eventual degradation. These works, like all other things, are subject entropy’s steady march into chaos. What James Nisbet — professor of art history at the University of California, Irvine — aims to take up in his 2021 book Second Site are the ways in whichthese secondary effects (and affects) could be understood as a version of “site” in their own right. Recontextualizing several famous and not-so-famous monumental artworks, Nisbet considers how physical change over time manifests conceptual change, identifying these artworks as his titular “second sites.”

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