Welcome to the page with all the answers! We’ve tried to gather here the responses to the questions most often asked – as well as information that’s not requested quite as often. But nothing’s perfect, so don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you can’t find what you’re looking for here.

I’ve just subscribed to the print magazine. When will I receive my first issue?

The magazine is published in January, May, and September. If you subscribe during the preceding month (December, April, or August), you’ll receive your first magazine only when the next issue is published.
If you subscribe at a different time during the year, we’ll immediately send you a copy of the last issue published (the current issue). Your subscription will then continue as normal, according to the regular publication schedule.

I’ve just purchased books or magazines. How long will it take to receive my purchases?

All orders are processed within 3–4 working days, except during our vacation period (the last week of July and first three weeks of August). After you mail in your order, you should expect to wait up to one week to receive your purchases if you’re in Canada, up to 10 days if you’re in the United States, and in from six to eight weeks for other countries.

Please note that these waiting times are not set in stone. During the pandemic period, extra delays may occur.

I already have a subscription, purchased on the old website, and I want to access my online content on the new website. What should I do?

No problem! You can create a profile without making a purchase. Once your profile is created and you’ve filled in your basic information (address, email, etc.), write us at abonnement@esse.ca to ask us to link your subscription to your account. We’ll process your request in the next 3–4 working days.

Is it possible to pay for my purchases without a credit card or PayPal account?

If you prefer not to use our online payment tools, please send us your orders directly to abonnement@esse.ca. We’ll send you an invoice by email and explain the other payment modes available.

I made an error while completing my transaction and I can’t go back! What should I do?

All orders are processed manually. You can therefore write us directly at abonnement@esse.ca when you notice the error, and we’ll be happy to correct it before sending you your purchases!

I may need a large number of magazines for a special project or an event. What should I do?

You can send your special orders to abonnement@esse.ca. We’ll be happy to analyze your needs and options with you.

Can I purchase your magazine and books anywhere besides your website?

Of course! Many bookstores in Canada and abroad keep Esse in inventory or can order it from their distributor upon request. Don’t hesitate to speak to someone at your favourite bookstore!

We also provide a list of all our sales point on this page : Where to Buy.

I’d like to submit articles to the magazine. Who should I send them to?

Esse operates like an academic magazine, on the basis of calls for papers. You can consult the current calls and the procedure for submitting your articles in the Call for Papers section of the website.

Is it possible to announce a coming exhibition or event on esse.ca or in the magazine Esse?

The website esse.ca and the magazine Esse do not offer a cultural calendar section. You can, however, purchase advertising space for your exhibition or event. To receive our media kit and find out about our offers, contact our sales manager at publicite@esse.ca or visit Advertising Spaces page.

I’m trying to reach you by phone, but I keep getting your voicemail box. Where are you?

The Esse permanent team works Monday to Thursday, often from home. The quickest way to contact us is by email, but you can also leave us a voicemail and we’ll call you back within a few days.