Winter 2010

The dossier presented here addresses the diverse forms of sabotage perpetrated by artists, both within and outside of the art world. To experiment with the concepts explored in these pages, we’ve decided to play the same game and to sabotage issue no. 68, thereby shaking up the aesthetic comfort into which a magazine can all too easily settle. Including 3 portfolios.

Current Issue


Winter 2023

As the basis for social organization and the primary site of socialization, the family has drawn particular attention in the visual arts since the inception of art history. As contemporary art seems well engaged in an examination of cultural practices, the family, in all its forms, is returning to the spotlight. Many artists today revisit family traditions, sites, and taboos, challenge what has been held as unspeakable by digging into archives, and invent new, intimate forms of sociability out of biographical experiences. This issue reflects on family histories as they are rewritten in contemporary art.