Borders / North Korea, 2008. Collection Fonds National d'Art Contemporain, France.
photo : F. Gousset, permission de l'artiste | courtesy of the artist & galerie Loevenbruck, Paris

xAlain Declercq focuses on how the State machinery (police, army, information agencies) is at the service of power, blindly following orders transmitted and retransmitted in complete opaqueness. Making up a Citroën so that it looks like a police car and renting it to the inhabitants of a suburb; transforming the July 14th preparations into a scene for a coup d’État; re-appropriating the 9/11 iconography to invent a world-wide conspiracy—these are all reminders of the logic of economic, political and police power of which we are both the beneficiaries and the accomplices. “Rest in Peace” comprises fourteen portraits that result from rifle shots on wood. Born in 1969, Alain Declercq lives and works in Paris.

*Based on an text by Nicole Brenez in TEXT(E)S (Paris: Éditions Loevenbruck, 2009).

Rest in Peace / Bush, 3780 tirs de 22 long riffle sur mélaminé | 3780 Riffle shoots on masonite, 2007. Art Office Shiobara Collection.
photo : F. Gousset, permission de l’artiste | courtesy of the artist & galerie Loevenbruck, Paris
Alain Declercq
This article also appears in the issue 68 - Sabotage

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