89 – Library


Winter 2017

Libraries are institutions which don’t only accumulate knowledge, but also sacralize it for posterity. With the advance of digitization in institutions around the world, the role of a library as a physical place is in constant fluctuation. How do artists approach this seismic movement? How do artists incorporate the book culture into their work? What are the theoretical channels motivating critical expression regarding the transformation of libraries role? This issue explores the role, status and function of the library in contemporary art.






Current Issue


Spring Summer 2024

Because it is essential for it to be open to the world, art is particularly affected by concerns related to planetary travel. From a position at the intersection of contemporary art, leisure, ecology, and destination culture, Esse no. 111 observes artists’ and critical thinkers’ strategies for revisiting the very notion of tourism. Although the harmful impacts of the tourism industry are beyond question, the thematic section avoids falling prey to tourismphobia and simply pointing out its failures. Rather, this issue offers a guided tour of situations and places where art and tourism converge.