Grauerholz_Salle de lecture de l’artiste au travail
Angela Grauerholz Salle de lecture de l’artiste au travail | Reading Room for the Working Artist, 2003-2004, installation view, VOX Centre de l’image contemporaine, Montréal, 2006.
Photos : Michel Brunelle, courtesy of the artist

Angela Grauerholz’s work offers an archival perspective of the image. At the intersection of different theoretical and sensory perspectives of photography, Grauerholz challenges the autonomy of the image and its potential for holding memory by observing shared sites of modern Western visual culture. In this sense, more than facts, Grauerholz’s documentary manipulations and conservation systems preserve and disseminate, beyond the factual, modes of communication and interpretation of daily life. The identity-related and cultural themes of the work borrow the notion of collection from the form of the library and reveal the institution’s power to assemble things.

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