Stacey Cann Diagram 3 (Talking Cure Series): New Collaboratice Entity, 2021.
Photo : courtesy of the artist

Talking Cure: Dialogue as Collaborative Resistance

Stacey Cann
Victoria Stanton
Discovering multiple overlaps in our respective trajectories as artist/researchers and PhD students — Victoria exploring dialogue-as-performance, Stacey investigating collaboration research — it made sense to be reading, reflecting, and talking together about dialogue as collaboration. Through an embodied practice of being in conversation around readings with which we are engaged, we are instigating a performative process of making-through-­cooperative-thinking, a dialogue between ourselves and the text through which the reading process (the material of the text itself) and our discussion of it (a collaborative reflection) become the basis of our dialogue.

Collaboration, as a foundational element of our collective work, causes us to slow down and spend more time reflecting on the creative process and discussing our values as artists and academics. This intentional deceleration and commitment to a slower approach, which is important to both of our practices, allows us to focus on the process of making rather than the production of an end product. Through our dialogues, an encounter with the other emerges and our individual practices become one. This text is a performance of that dialogue.

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This article also appears in the issue 104 - Collectives

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