Terms of Use
Exhibition view, PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montréal, 2023.
Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay, courtesy of PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montréal
PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montréal
March 9 – July 9, 2023
Curated by Cheryl Sim and Daniel Fiset, the group exhibition Terms of Use explored the impact of digital technology on one’s sense of identity, both online and offline, by delving into the complex connectivity and performativity that digital technologies invoke in individuals and society. With nearly fifteen artists, the exhibition was rich in content and contrasts, and featured many new pieces, including VR-inspired photographs by Chun Hua Catherine Dong and Francisco González-Rosas’s installation featuring custom imagery from their performance Dismembered Fixations (2023).

The works in Terms of Use relied on a vast array of media, from video, sculpture, and VR to computer games. Severalworks not only transformed visitors into digital users but figuratively modified them into digital code. It was as if they were being converted into a series of ones and zeros, lining the walls, awaiting their next directives, creating a sense of conversion from physical to digital. The gallery layout required them to backtrack to enter or exit each space, akin to pressing the back arrow when navigating on an internet browser.

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