How deep is your love?

Cooper Cole, Toronto
September 16 — October 21, 2017
How deep is your love?, exhibition view, Cooper Cole, Toronto, 2017.
Photo : courtesy of the artists and Cooper Cole, Toronto
Cooper Cole, Toronto
September 16 — October 21, 2017
Organized by Jenine Marsh, with work by herself and eight other female-identified artists, How deep is your love? forms a collective organic nest of intertwined propositions, materials, expectations, and relationships. The exhibition is an aggregate portrayal of consciousness, performing as a living organism with an acute awareness of its internal and surrounding structures. It is a lesson in sensitivity and strength that reimagines the architectures of the living body and physical space.

Marsh’s own body appears in a legion of handprints that punctuate the gypsum cement disks suspended within her ten-foot-tall steel archway wastelanders. These tangled clusters of positive and negative relief provide just enough mass to define a structure, while denying any real confidence of form. Somehow, despite its grandeur, this monumental work refuses to occupy any space at all.

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This article also appears in the issue 92 - Democracy

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