Easter Party, 2003.
photo : permission des artistes | courtesy of the artists & Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto

Every Easter, the artists’ grandfather, along with his grandchildren, would make a lamb-shaped piñata. Sacrificing the piñata was an offering to God. It was the ­family’s opportunity to ask Him to forgive their sins and clean their slate for yet another year. The boy in this image is acting on that same notion. He is shedding blood for the well-being of his family. Within the structure of a ­family exists a ­spider-web of truths… the boy is aware of what’s going on and, along with his imagination, acts accordingly. Carlos and Jason Sanchez work and live in Montreal. Recent exhibitions include “Between Life and Death” at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, “Reality Interrupted: The Cinematic Work of the Sanchez Brothers” at the Houston Center for Photography, and “A Walk Through Life” at the Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam.

Carlos & Jason Sanchez
This article also appears in the issue 67 - Killjoy

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