Bianca Bondi Red List Amazon River Dolphin (The Fall and Rise) & Red List Hector's Dolphin (The Fall and Rise), installation view, Mor Charpentier, Paris, 2021.
Photo : François Doury, courtesy of the artist & Mor Charpentier, Paris

The young South African contemporary artist Bianca Bondi intrigues us with strange installations whose presence quite often reveals an absence, or absences. As if beings had once inhabited the premises but are no longer to be seen. Might they be ghosts? Spirits? These highly seductive works are often presented in landmark venues of the art world. Bondi cultivates mystery and uses various materials and objects that she picks up while travelling. Her meticulous work is permeated with an authenticity rarely encountered in contemporary productions. She stands out for the sincerity and originality of her art.

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