Virginie Jourdain Carnivore, 2017.
Photo : courtesy of the artist

Virginie Jourdain’s artistic approach is rooted in the sociopolitical context of its production. Actively engaged in critiquing normative standards — cultural, institutional, or identity-related — Jourdain accompanies her practice with caustic political commentary on the power of dominant discourse, questioning the impact of forms of representation and knowledge on identities and sexualities. Her reflections, comprising drawings, performances, installations, and sculptures, aim at deconstructing any pretensions of “naturality” in the dominant conception of heterosexuality and its correlates. Deciphering the misogynistic and homophobic underpinnings of legal, medical, and political disciplines, she proposes an intimate and personal visual vocabulary that tends to diffuse the violence inherent to such normative prescriptions.

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This article also appears in the issue 91 - LGBT+

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