BUSH Gallery Sun Prints, workshop view, Montréal, 2021.
Photo : Jean-Michael Seminaro

BUSH Gallery, a variable-geometry collective of Indigenous artists and thinkers founded in 2013, adopts different forms and approaches depending on the space in which it takes place. Its projects materialize on the land, in the gallery, and in print through site-specific works, zines, residencies in nature, and community gatherings. Rooted in a practice of decolonization, the collective crystallizes through collaborative engagement and radical inclusivity: the projects take shape through the participation of humans and non-humans from near and far — artists, children, birds, bears, rivers, shooting stars, campfires. Indigenous traditions, knowledge, and land use are brought to the fore in works that incorporate diverse materials and techniques.

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This article also appears in the issue 104 - Collectives

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