Hannah RowanVessels of Touch, 2021.
Photo: courtesy of the artist & C+N Gallery CANEPANERI, Milan

Hannah Rowan’s practice is informed by her extensive research on bodies of water, exploring the liquid relationships between bodies (natural and physiological) and the geological and ecological systems with which they interact. Through sculptural and performative works that combine installation, sound, and video, Rowan seeks to represent the ephemeral processes of water’s transformation and to chart its aqueous movements. She envisages the body, human or non-human, as a permeable vessel through which she explores notions of intimacy, loss, and memory. Her works often evolve from artistic residencies, notably in Greenland, Svalbard, along the St. Lawrence River, and in the Atacama Desert. Several of these works are brought together in Tides in the Body (2023), a project reflecting on the shifting and transformative nature of materials. Notions of transmutation traverse the sculptures and performance films, articulating the animacy, transience, and flux of solids, liquids, and gases.

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