Ana Rewakowicz (In collaboration with Jean-Marc Chomaz, Camille Duprat & Daniel Schorno) Misty Way, 2016-2019, installation view, Centre Intermondes, La Rochelle, 2016.
Photo: courtesy of the artist

Recognized by the scientific and artistic communities for the quality of her interactive projects that fuse architecture, the environment, and the body, Ana Rewakowicz builds bridges among science, art, and social ecology to better respond to global humanitarian and climate crises. Multidisciplinary and collaborative in her approach, Rewakowicz uses advanced technology and materials to create holistic experiences that blend imaginative sensibility with environmental militancy. Her practice, far from pure aesthetics and theory, is permeated by an osmosis of genres: poetry, sculpture, quantum physics, and ecosophy. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s concept of synergetics and Karen Barad’s theory of agential realism, Rewakowicz has focused in recent years on water as a vehicle of relationalities.

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