Yann pocreau,
Se partager l'espace 09, 2011.
Photo : © yann pocreau, permission de | courtesy of galerie simon blais, montréal

Yann Pocreau’s recent research essentially focuses on the narrative contributions suggested by the presence of natural light when it is used in specific places. He is interested in the metaphorical potential of light in our understanding of space and its functions. It is in this manner that intimate connections have been forged in the past few years between Pocreau’s photographic work and architecture, architecture often in transition. And it is from this perspective that he has undertaken various collaborations with renovation and demolition firms as well as architects. The intervening ­period and the unfinished, these in-between moments in which construction and demolition merge, allow him to further examine this close relationship that can exist between construction in the literal sense and photographic construction. These, for example, form the basis of the Chantiers series, realized in collaboration with La Shed architecture. The Se partager l’espace series was created during Mois de la Photo à Montréal in 2011 for the exhibition Lucidité. Vues de l’intérieur, curated by Anne-Marie Ninacs. In this particular case, the artist wished to explore the metaphorical potential of reconstructing natural light in domestic spaces that had burnt down several days before the photographs were taken.

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