88_PF03_Johnson_Tremblay_Croisement, sur Själsövägen
Sara A.Tremblay Croisement, sur Själsövägen, Själsö, Gotland (Suède), 2013. Photo : © Sara A.Tremblay

In 2013, Sara A.Tremblay went to Själsö, a town on the island of Gotland in Sweden, for an eighty-eight-day residency offered by the Brucebo Fine Art Foundation. During her stay, she produced an impressive mass of documentation, including photographs, videos, and objects, some made and others found, that were divided into different series in such a way as to testify to her experience in Sweden. Like so many mishaps that marked her passage, the moments captured by the artist reveal traces of the state of mind that guided discoveries and interventions during her nature outings in the environs. The images that she created were not only photographic and videographic, but also mental constructions and ephemeral arrangements that give a profoundly personal meaning to her discoveries. In this sense, Tremblay’s practice adopts the logics of dialogue, offering a degree of reciprocity in the exchanges made between humans and nature. These exchanges lead, ultimately, to the creation of a landscape, understood less as an appropriation than as a shared experiment.

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