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Andreas Rutkauskas Garden River First Nation, série Borderline, 2015. Photo : permission de l’artiste

Perambulating, Wandering, Fleeing. A Few Notes on Mobile Landscapes

Suzanne Paquet
Geography, in this sense, is an art of representation, that is, an art of transportation and translation. How does one bring the distant into the near? How does one lend presence to absent realities?
— Jean-Marc Besse1 1 - Jean-Marc Besse, Face au monde : atlas, jardins, géoramas (Paris: Desclée de Brouwer, 2003), 9 (our translation).

Andreas Rutkauskas’s photographic production is undeniably geographic; it covers a wide spectrum of landscape. And because it touches on or explores various aspects of the territory, it can also seem a little scattered. Yet I believe this artist’s work is entirely focused on traversals, motion, movement — eminently contemporary phenomena — as each of his photographic series broaches these themes from a particular angle. Rutkauskas’s work, finally, deals essentially with landscapes of mobility, of which it reveals various facets. Here I will attempt to explore some of the perspectives on landscape opened up by his practice.

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