Rachal Bradley

Adad Hannah
Emily LaBarge
Gasworks, London, U.K. January 25 – March 18, 2018
Rachal Bradley Interlocutor, vue d'installation, Gasworks, London, U.K., 2018.
Photos : Andy Keate, permission de l'artiste
Gasworks, London, U.K. January 25 – March 18, 2018
[En anglais]
How to heal a body, from the inside out? How to transform its ailments into something useful, something autonomous and intriguing, something with a life of its own? How to suffuse the organism from interior to exterior; to penetrate every cell, every membrane, so that what remains is entirely altered — a new and improved ecosystem? How to do this, and so much more, when the body — the organism, the ecosystem — in question is a place: an institution, a gallery space, an exhibition? Artist, heal thyself; artist, heal thy onlookers.

Interlocutor is a major new commission by Nottingham-based artist Rachal Bradley, produced by Gasworks through the Freelands Artist Programme, and developed in partnership with Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. The work is site-specific, and builds on the residency Bradley undertook from July to September of 2017, during which she ran a series of events and workshops, both private and public. The resulting work, literally spread through the two connected rooms of the gallery, is both expansive and gnomic, intriguing and frustrating, clear and opaque — literally and figuratively.

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