Rachal Bradley

Gasworks, London, U.K. January 25 – March 18, 2018
Rachal Bradley Interlocutor, installation views, Gasworks, London, U.K., 2018.
Photos : Andy Keate, courtesy of the artist
Gasworks, London, U.K. January 25 – March 18, 2018

How to heal a body, from the inside out? How to transform its ailments into something useful, something autonomous and intriguing, something with a life of its own? How to suffuse the organism from interior to exterior; to penetrate every cell, every membrane, so that what remains is entirely altered — a new and improved ecosystem? How to do this, and so much more, when the body — the organism, the ecosystem — in question is a place: an institution, a gallery space, an exhibition? Artist, heal thyself; artist, heal thy onlookers.

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