88_DO07_Pernet_Beaulieu_Monarca Mobile
Patrick Beaulieu Monarca Mobile, 2007.
Photo : permission de l'artiste & Art Mûr, Montréal

The Jungle of the Esperados

Alexis Pernet
In October 2015, an elegant grey volume, boxed, the cover bearing three imprinted Vs forming a typographic triangle, arrived: Trois odyssées transfrontières1 1 - Patrick Beaulieu and Daniel Canty, VVV — Trois odyssées transfrontières (Montréal: Les éditions du passage, 2015)..

The book may be seen as a montage made from documents produced or found during three random trips taken by Patrick Beaulieu and Daniel Canty, in pursuit of the monarch butterfly (Vecteur monarque, 2007), the wind (Ventury, 2010), and the signs of luck (Vegas, 2012). This publishing venture extends their experiences with audacious and provocative continental crossings by adding the possibility of grasping a fragmentary representation of these voyages in an itinerary that has nothing to do with an explorer’s report, but everything to do with an invitation to a new departure. VVV seems to address readers who may not be born yet, who will find a faded copy on a library shelf and give themselves permission, on the spur of the moment, to slip down these paths…

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