Kara Hamilton
Wane Awareless & Lifted

Alex Bowron
G Gallery, Toronto March 18 — April 23, 2016
87_CR04_Bowron_Hamilton_Wane Awareless and Lifted
Kara Hamilton Wane Awareless & Lifted, installation view, 2015–2016.
Photo : courtesy of the artist
G Gallery, Toronto March 18 — April 23, 2016

Kara Hamilton’s work is gorgeous and curious, graceful and ambitious, immersive and singular. In her recent exhibition Wane Awareless & Lifted at Toronto’s G Gallery, Hamiltontreated the long rectangular space as though it were a life-size diorama for her objects to be displayed and performed. Each piece seemed to exist in order to highlight its unique ability to emphasize the space around it. My visit reminded me that a gallery’s architecture should be soft, but only as malleable as the objects within it are convincing.

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