Delcy Morelos: El abrazo

Giovanni Aloi
Dia Art Foundation, New York
October 5, 2023 – July 5, 2024
Delcy MorelosEl abrazo (The Embrace), installation view, Dia Art Foundation, New York, 2023.
Photo: Don Stahl, courtesy of the artist
Dia Art Foundation, New York
October 5, 2023 – July 5, 2024
[En anglais]

When you think of Delcy Morelos’s work, Mark Rothko and Frank Stella are not the first artists who spring to mind. Surprisingly, however, the legacies of these Modernist masters haunt Morelos’s exhibition titled El abrazo at the Dia Art Foundation in ways that can be hard to imagine. At first, I was taken by surprise, almost perturbed, by these considerations as they arose: what to make of these seemingly contradictory — if not profane — juxtapositions? But as I wandered through the space, spending time with Morelos’s monumental pieces, I understood how meaningful this odd triangulation could be.

The exhibition consists of two immersive, multi-sensory installations: Cielo terrenal (Earthly Heaven) (2023) and El abrazo (The Embrace) (2023). These works merge surface and volume, collapsing boundaries through monochromatic expanse and accumulations of raw materials. Morelos draws inspiration from the cosmologies of ancestral Andean and Amazonian cultures, as well as her own experiences, to explore the sustaining power of soil in its various forms. In this way, she aims to cultivate moments of connection with the intimate earthliness of elemental forces that can instil a sense of emotional presence and empathy.

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