C'est assez, 2009.
photo : Eliane Excoffier

There is a very delinquent side and a wrathful dimension in certain spheres of ­contemporary North American spirituality. The spiritual practice is in a state of flux; one can ­suppose that its iconography is in the same state. Sylvain Bouthillette proposes to explore and reinvest this iconography here. Ridicule, impermanence, confusion, instability, ambiguity, uncertainty and embarrassment can become liberating if we let get go ot the idea that life is stable and definable. We’re both sublime and pathetic—let’s celebrate! Sylvain Bouthillette lives and works in Montreal. His practice involves painting, photography, audio installation and music. He holds a M.A. in painting from Concordia University. His work has been presented in Canada and in Europe.

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