Le naufrage, 2008.
photo : Jacynthe Carrier

This “tableau” proposes a disjointed narration that evokes, among other themes, celebration through its mise-en-scène. Le naufrage exposes a senseless and shady meeting between an anonymous space and our inability to address it. Although festive codes can be identified, cynicism remains—all these bodies might have been brought together for a celebration, but rather they raise the issue of ­encounter and presence. Is it an anniversary, a fair, a deportation, a ­shipwreck? Jacynthe Carrier mainly works in the field of photography and video. Since 2007 her work has been presented at Galerie Lilian Rodriguez, at the centre for ­photography VU and at Manif d’art 4 (Quebec City, 2008). In 2009, she will show her most recent images at the Caravansérail centre in Rimouski and begin a master’s degree in ­photography at Concordia University.

Jacynthe Carrier
This article also appears in the issue 67 - Killjoy

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