Ligne de fuite, 2008.
photo : Olivier Morvan

The public space intervention Ligne de fuite is made of a barbed string of ­twinkling coloured lights. Depending on the twinkling but also on the distance and time of day, this simple mechanism plays on the perception of passers-by and ­suggests a constant alternation between entertainment and confinement. Visual artist and stage designer Olivier Morvan has been developing his escapologic ­project ( since 2005. Combining drawing, installation, video, text and sound, the project is without limits in terms of time and medium and also has no deadline or frontier: violation and enquiry, thread and labyrinth, shovel and hole exist simultaneously. This open-air site progressively exhumes the skeleton of a fiction that has elements of a B movie and of storytelling. Morvan has contributed to various magazines (among others, L’Œil électrique, Hermaphrodite, Mortibus and Hôpital) and he was a member of LA CELLULE 0038753K until 2005 with which he produced several exhibitions.

Olivier Morvan
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