BGLÉmergence, le Cirque L’îlot Fleurie, Québec, 2002.
Photo : BGL

Le Manège

Summer 2002 ended with the “Émergence, le Cirque” event, and our piece seemed to literally spring out from the waste that was already on the site of Ilôt Fleurie. BGL’s carousel, which was installed in the middle of a ­makeshift arena made out of rubbish, offered passers-by the ­opportunity to sit down and compare their weight with different types of scrap—TVs, tires, bicycles, newspapers, computers, etc. Once the ­volunteer was ­stabilized, a member of the collective would hurl him or her, by the sheer strength of his arms, into a gyrating movement ­conducive to a dizzy spell but most importantly to a meditation on the weight of our actions.

Émergence, le Cirque
L’îlot Fleurie, Québec, 2002.
Photo : BGL
This article also appears in the issue 64 - Waste

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