Eve Tagny Woven, video still, 2020.
Photo : courtesy of the artist

Affective and corporeal memory, individual, collective, and intergenerational trauma, intimate and familial relationships, violence, loss, hope, resilience, and rituals are all themes that traverse Eve Tagny’s hybrid polymorphic work — work in which vegetation, more than a simple motif, has an imposing presence. Tagny’s personal and artistic trajectory reached a critical juncture when a loved one committed suicide in a luxuriant garden in Johannesburg, South Africa. The contrast between the verdant beauty of the garden and the horror of the act became imprinted in the artist’s memories as a salient image for the tragedy. From the need to respond to this harrowing event was born Lost Love, an intimate book of photographs and poetic reflections, through which she endeavours to manifest the unspeakable, to evoke the indescribable.

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This article also appears in the issue 99 - Plants

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