Eugène Park Crispy Gooey Membrane, installation detail, Echoes of Distancelessness, 2019.
Photo : David Howlett, courtesy of the artist

The invisible vital forces of objects and materials, often difficult to discern with the limited capacity of our senses, guide the plastic and philosophical nature of Eugene Park’s research. A range of tools and synthetic, mineral, and organic substances — calipers, compasses, iron powder, steel, animal fat, clay, and beeswax—are used recurrently for their chemical or electromagnetic properties and their potential for interactivity. In line with theories promoting a renewed consciousness of the tangible and phenomenological world, Park’s sculptural practice evokes how materials function in their own specific ways, autonomously, by disrupting the unfolding of often imperceptible events.

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This article also appears in the issue 101 - New Materialisms

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