Contemporary art practices are constantly going outside the field of art to appropriate the codes, gestures, and mechanisms of other social and cultural spheres. However, appropriation also involves the question of social responsibility with regards to artists and curators, particularly in recent debates around cultural appropriation. The aim of this issue is to take some distance from the polarization of the controversies so as to try to better understand what these various forms of appropriation show us about current artistic creation at the aesthetic, ethical, and political levels.







Young Critics

Current Issue

New New Age

Over the last few years, the occult has made a stunning comeback in art, manifested through a re-appropriation of esoterism, a holistic and beneficial approach, and a desire for social and ecological justice. The works in the portfolio New New Age stand out for their powerful intention to re-enchant the world, recognize the agency of matter, and campaign against the destruction of Earth and for all living things, by exploring what is luminous and performative in this philosophy and its rituals.