AICAN  Faceless Portrait #3, 2019. Photo : Ahmed Elgammal -

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly skilled at mimicking human behaviour, heralding a new and potentially dystopian age, brought about by what The Art Newspaper has called “the AI revolution.”1 1 - “Aican the AI artist: putting the art in to artificial intelligence,” The Art Newspaper, December 26, 2018, Of specific concern to the creative sector, art making has been added to the growing artificial intelligence skillset, thereby introducing a series of ultra-contemporary concerns that threaten to destabilize several of the art world’s organizing principles. As AI builds the ­capacity to independently generate artwork, not only by appropriating existing styles but also ­creating entirely new ones, human artists, galleries, and collectors must be prepared to ask whether such entities are entitled to attribution, remuneration, and ownership for their creative output. Do machine artists have the potential to supplant their human predecessors?

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This article also appears in the issue 97 - Appropriation

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