Simon Bilodeau, Éternelle vanité/Audrey Clary, galerie Art Mûr, 2006.
photo : Lee Brunet

“Bling-bling, Everytime I come around, yo city, Bling-bling, Pinky ring worth about fifty.”1 1 - Bling-bling, by B.G, with Baby Turk, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne. With those words, sung by rappers B.G. and Lil Wayne and broadcast on MTV, bling-bling entered the mainstream in the late 1990s. The expression, already in use for some time in the hip-hop subculture, referred to the conspicuous, expensive artifacts of gangsta fashion, borrowed from stereotypical images of the pimp, a style emphasizing large, flashy jewels (generally in gold or platinum and studded with diamonds).

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