Richard Kerr

American Pictures

Adam Abouaccar
Parc Offsite, Montréal
December 12, 2020–March 13, 2021
Richard Kerr Untitled (1984 Republican Convention, Dallas Texas), 1984.
Photo: courtesy of the artist
Parc Offsite, Montréal
December 12, 2020–March 13, 2021
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Six months after Montréal’s initial COVID-19 lockdown, the city welcomed a new gallery and residency space ideally suited to the isolation of this moment. Parc Offsite, founded and operated by curator Eli Kerr, is a modestly scaled space across two floors of what was once a Mile End apartment. The gallery’s aim is to create impactful and intimate experiences with art for audiences of one to two people at a time. The space opened in September 2020 with a presentation of works by Abbas Akhavan. With its sophomore show, American Pictures, Parc Offsite is again dedicating its space to the work of one artist, this time the curator’s father, Richard Kerr.

Richard Kerr is a Montréal-based visual artist, filmmaker, and professor of experimental film at Concordia University. An important figure in the history of Canadian experimental cinema, Kerr has produced a body of work spanning over thirty years and the gamut of image-based media. Though celluloid has consistently been integral to his practice, its employment has ranged over the years, from being intermittently projected on-screen to statically mounted against backlit lightboxes. The shifting applications of film in Kerr’s work track the material’s declining value in the motion picture industry. The home of Hollywood, America, and this Canadian artist’s enduring fascination with the country, are the subject of American Pictures.

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