Nadia Belerique
Bed Island

Alex Bowron
Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, April 21 — June 4, 2016
88_CR02_Bowron_Belerique_Bed Island 3
Nadia Belerique Bed Island, exhibition views, Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, 2016.
Photos : courtesy of the artist and Daniel Faria Gallery
Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, April 21 — June 4, 2016
Nadia Belerique’s Bed Island is a psychic space. More like a diorama of thought-experiments than an art exhibition, each piece exists in dialogue with its neighbour — hinting towards the conditions of its making and conscious of its current surroundings. 

Belerique has composed an immersive installation with a balance of colour and form that hums, inviting viewers to oscillate freely between the negative spaces. I am conscious of my own movements, how I stretch or bend to get a closer look, how each new perspective creates a conceptual composition of its own. This display of metaphysical intimacy triggers a familiar flutter of Romantic solitude: the natural rhythm of mind and body, the slowing of time and depth of silence, the luxury of indulging in extended moments during the transition between sleep and waking.

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This article also appears in the issue 88 – Landscape - Landscape

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