99 – Plants

Spring / Summer 2020

As science demystifies the complex universe of plants, we become more open to their sensitivity, intelligence, and agency. This issue appeals to interdisciplinarity more than ever before, taking its references from the fields of science, anthropology, and botany. Inevitably, environmental concerns and the impact of human intervention on plant biodiversity have a significant presence in the topics covered. As for the artworks, by closely observing the non-individualistic behaviour of plants, they propose, without moralizing, various ways of communicating with nature. Generally solicited for what they are, but also for their metaphorical meanings, the flowers, stalks, roots, fruit, and leaves that appear in these pages sometimes evoke human exploitation, domination, and the collapse of ecosystems, but also, more optimistically, resistance, solidarity, collaboration, and hope for renewal.

Prix Meilleur dossier et Prix Page couverture, Sodep 2021.

Silver : Print Magazines - Art, Architecture, Design and Music, ICMA – International Creative Media Award, 2020.



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