Isabelle HayeurSérie Excavations series, 2006-2007.
Photo: Isabelle Hayeur

Quaternaire IV

The Quaternary is a recent geologic time period marked by the ­emergence of the species Homo. In designing this image, Hayeur choose an archaeological, anthropological as well as environmentalist perspective. She worked with a conservation site and a landscape shaped by economy: a panorama of the fossiliferous Dinosaur Park (Canadian Badlands) and a view of the Carrière Miron (Montreal) dump. The first is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, while the second was for a long time the second ­largest dumping ground in North America. These are legacies that we pass on to future generations… Within this image, two antagonistic visions clash.

Isabelle Hayeur
This article also appears in the issue 64 - Waste

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