Centre DARE-DARE is continuing its Dis/location: projet d’articulation urbaine mandate, started in 2004, by devoting its programming exclusively to public art projects for which the city is the framework for presentation. The centre’s explorations are conducted through successive moorings, lasting two or three years, in parts of the city that offer rich contexts for questioning social, political, historical, and urban issues. Since 2012, the Dare-Dare trailer has been situated beside the Saint-Laurent métro station, in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles. This urban space has served as a platform of dissemination for a project of public writings: aphorisms, poems, and statements are displayed on a lit-up panel near the trailer. To date, the panel has displayed short texts by fourteen artists — slogans, haikus, or tweets.

[Translated from the French by Käthe Roth]

rémi beaupré
meme snippets 

simon brown
questions posées en vue d’une réponse définitive

daniel canty
red shift

marc-antoine k. phaneuf
moments magiques

soufïa bensaÏd
gr’attitude’ du jour

cynthia girard
Sans titre

carl trahan
« labêteélémentaire »

jeanne painchaud
montréal, marée basse

viviane namastE
quartier des spectacles : l’invisible est spectaculaire

nicole brossard
cascade d’ubiquité

isabelle lamarre / bruno mainville
gratter le pigment des rues

hélène matte
Lyrisme objectif et mystagogie du poème

sylvie laliberté
sans titre

geneviève amyot
nous sommes beaucoup qui avons peur

This article also appears in the issue 82 - Spectacle

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