Monument aux hommes des carrières II, 2008-2009.
photo : permission | courtesy Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain, Montréal

This recent work by Isabelle Hayeur was produced in Brussels in 2008-09, in ­conjunction with a project by VOX contemporary image (curated by Claudine Roger). Juxtaposing urban cankers and public statuary, the new compositions metaphorically reveal how cities are mutating and the uneasy cohabitation between standardized town planning and cultural identity. The resulting images are both appealing and disquieting, somewhere between devastated setting and commemorative site for a bygone culture. Born in 1969, Isabelle Hayeur lives and works in Montreal. She works in the fields of photography, video and site-specific installation. Her practice essentially stems from the perspective of an ecological and urbanistic critique. Her approach is directly connected to the spectacle of urbanization and is informed by discourses on environmental as well as national planning issues.

Isabelle Hayeur
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