Antonietta Grassi Free Falling, 145 × 145 cm, 2020.
Photo : Maxime Brouillet, courtesy of the artist

A beige abyss. Hot pink solitude, suspended in time. A geometric poem, woven with threads that connect technology, memory, and abstraction. In Antonietta Grassi’s work, all of these separate entities become neatly tied together in a mathematical, painterly, and thoughtful exploration of colour and light; shape and line. But within this orderly unit, there is an undertone of inner turmoil, like a system that has overheated and is in meltdown mode. In Lifelines in the Age of Anxiety(2020), we are face-to-face with a machine that is a shell of its former self. Trapped, vibrating in infinite lockdown, it is steeped in its own obsolescence.

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This article also appears in the issue 102 - (Re)seeing Painting

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