86_AC04_Glessing_Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura, exhibition view, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 2015.
Photo : courtesy of Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Deconstructing Nuclear Visions

Jill Glessing
“I’m blown away that I made it through the twentieth century without being blown away.” James Bridle’s attempt to lighten the otherwise dark topics under discussion at the symposium Through Post-Atomic Eyes alluded to the exploitation of atomic science, for military and energy solutions beginning during the Second World War. But the anxiety expressed by Bridle’s joke, a seeming remnant from the last century’s Cold War culture, continues as an undercurrent of fear today. For, even as Fukushima’s long radioactive tail reaches Canadian shores — and it is just a sample of the nuclear particles let loose to roam the planet — nuclear arsenals are being revamped and reactor construction is surging.

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