Marie Preston Atelier Pain commun, 110, Saint-Denis, 6 avril 2019.
Photo : courtesy of the artist

Teaching Each Other, Mediated by the World

Jérôme Dupeyrat
Contemporary art offers many example of artists who have adopted practices inspired by pedagogy, teaching, or research: they conduct investigations, give performative lectures, transpose their artistic activity to pedagogical situations or tools, and so on. In social representations, as in practice, teaching and pedagogy are often associated with the image of someone facing a group and transmitting knowledge in a more or less vertical manner to students who participate more or less (in)actively in their learning, but many artists reject this model. Several have ridiculed it (for example, ÉricDuyckaerts1 1 - See in particular Éric Duyckaerts, How to Draw a Square, video-lecture, 1999, <>), but my focus here will be on those who transform teaching and learning into porous and reciprocal art practices developed within groups or communities.

Reading seminars

Since the mid-1990s, artist Rainer Ganahl has been organizing reading seminars, taking an approach characterized essentially by knowledge relations, acquisition, and circulation.

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