Verre soufflé | Blown glass, 2006.
photo : © Colombe Clier, permission | courtesy Galerie Baumet Sultana

Hors jeu & Simili

Aside from the physical notions of weight, form and gravity that ­characterize sculpture, Olivier Sévère questions the language of the discipline itself. Through a process of diversion, he deliberately uses ­inappropriate materials to reinterpret manufactured objects. He chooses marble, glass, bronze or porcelain to materialize his works and give them sense or, rather, “non-sense.” This acute look at the ­materiality that ­surrounds us introduces a resistance to the real and explores ­contradictory concepts such as fragile and solid, presence and absence, reality and fiction. In Sévère’s sculptures, form coincides with ­tangibility, whereas the content tends towards improbability and the idea of ­reversibility.

Simili 1, 2, 3, 4, bronze, 2008.
photos : permission | courtesy Galerie Baumet Sultana 
Olivier Sévère
This article also appears in the issue 65 - Fragile

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