56 Artillery Lane Installation
Su Richardson Fenix° (Su Richardson, Monica Ross, and Kate Walker), detail, 1977/2017.
Photo : Marcus J. Leith
Raven Row, London, U.K., April 21 — June 11, 2017

“London is grey and cold. Night falls early. 4 o’clock is lighting time and sometimes much earlier.” The words scroll down the right-hand side of the screen, to their left, a series of images — against a cloud-dappled blue sky, a hand extends from a 90-degree angle white-shirted arm to grasp a rope; segments of coat-clad bodies in black and white, hands thrust deep into pockets, and over them a dense, hand-scrawled script in faint blue. “Count your blessings — you have children, mother, brother, family, friends near you.” This is Ingrid Pollard’s Belonging in Britain, a film about her family’s emigration from Guyana in the 1950s, presented alongside hand-tinted photographs of the artist’s mother at home: in her garden, kitchen, sitting room, looking through a family album, proffering freshly baked buns.

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This article also appears in the issue 91 - LGBT+

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