Hannah Black
Some Context

Chisenhale Gallery, London, U.K. September 22 — December 10, 2017
Hannah Black_Transitional Object 5 & 6
Hannah BlackTransitional Object 5 & 6, 2017.
Photo : Andy Keate, courtesy of Chisenhale Gallery, London
Chisenhale Gallery, London, U.K. September 22 — December 10, 2017

[En anglais]

In Hannah Black’s site-specific installation at Chisenhale Gallery, there is a “situation.” The situation looms large: it is multi-vocal, fluid, collective, individual. It is literally bound and dispersed, at once legible and illegible. The situation arises within and without many contexts — some of which are made materially explicit, some of which haunt the margins of Black’s work. Some Context is both a series of objects and a text; together and apart. In the centre of the room, a stack of 20,000 books forms a large, irregular shape. The Situation is the title of the book — fragmented narratives and ruminations compiled by Black through a series of conversations with peers. “I’m pretty sure there’s a situation. But do you think there’s only one situation?” asks one voice; “What’s hard is describing the situation,” states another.

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