LesSabines_Travailleuses de la culture
Les Sabines Travailleuses de la culture, since 2015, installation view during the launch of the publication Le programme institutionnel, Arprim Centre d’essai en art imprimé, Montréal, 2016.
Photo : © Les Sabines

Les Sabines, a Montréal duo of self-declared cultural entrepreneurs, have produced a series of publications in the form of zines that have appeared at a rate of one per year since 2009. These are visual essays heralding big issues under portentous titles tenuously related to their actual content: L’hyper-réalisme au temps de Napoléon, L’existentialisme est un humanisme II, La post-image. Taking advantage of copyright procedures, Les Sabines get their publications indexed in various international, national, and provincial archives, thus building up an aura of legitimacy.

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