Jen RaeBad Smell of Extinction, 2015, from the series Everything Exists in Darkness Quadrilogy, 2015-2022.
Photo: Jorge de Araujo, courtesy of the artist

In her practice as an artist and researcher, Jen Rae navigates the troubled waters of community action, research-
creation, and environmental activism at a time when the planet is mired in a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions. Of Métis origin, she is the cofounder of the Centre for Reworlding, an activist think tank that, through their Creative Resilience Lab, brings together artists, scientists, and intellectuals around climate-related disaster risk reduction and resilience. In this role, Rae strives to promote the use of decolonializing and multidisciplinary methodologies and epistemologies in order to respond adequately to environmental disasters.

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This article also appears in the issue 108 - Resilience

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