Places and Non-Places of Contemporary Art


In what forms and in what places are artistic practices deployed today? No longer confined to the triad studio-gallery-museum, artists are creating alternatives to the institutionalization of art, by investing in spheres considered off limits to the art world: public/private space; psychological/social territories; scientific research; politics; the workplace. This book is an invitation to consider how these non-traditional places for production/diffusion impact on our conceptions of art, the status of the artist/author, and the role of the spectator. Diverse artistic approaches are considered – infiltration practices, manoeuvres, relational and performative actions, site-specific intervention – all of which foreground relations of coexistence.

With essays by :

PAUL ARDENNE : Art is everywhere and here to stay – The Institution As Well
ALINE CAILLET : Detournements, Infiltration, Disruption – Elements for a New Situationist Practice
NATHALIE DE BLOIS : Paparazzi on a Desert Street – An Interview With Emanuelle Léonard
MARIE FRASER : From Places to Non-Places – From Mobility to Immobility
LUC LÉVESQUE : Between Places and Non-Places – Towards an Interstitial Approach to Landscape
CHRISTOF MIGONE : Taciturntabilism – Techniques of Hairline Fracture and Tiny Displacements
KATHLEEN RITTER : How to Recognize a Furtive Practice – A User’s Guide
VÉRONIQUE RODRIGUEZ : The Studio or Nomadisim – Changes in Art Making
STEPHEN WRIGHT : Art Under the Radar – Reflections on the Critical Art Ensemble and the Kurtz Affair

Les éditions esse
Creation: 2005
Country: Canada

Lieux et non-lieux de l’art actuel
Places and Non-Places of Contemporary Art

20 $ / 15 Euros
248 pages, 200 x 130 mm
Bilingual French / English Edition
ISBN 2-9809052-0-8

Digital version available

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