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The Vendu–Sold 2011 catalogue presents a reflection on the question of cultural sponsorship and on the interconnections between the art and business worlds. It offers a brief history of Canadian and international patronage, a portrait of some organizations that operate within the business sector and of companies in Quebec that maintain contemporary art collections, an overview of the new Visual Arts Awards, and an interview with three collectors and art patrons, Phyllis Lambert, Joe Battat, and Pierre Bourgie. The book also includes a presentation of the works and artistic statements of the 41 Canadian artists participating in the 2011 Vendu–Sold auction.





Foreword — Sylvette Babin
Art, Money and Business: the Patronat Challenge — Paul Maréchal
The Importance of the Relationship between Art and Business — Louise Roy
For Corporate Collections... In Quebec — Nicolas Mavrikakis
The Visual Arts, an Industry Lacking Visibilty — Rhéal Olivier Lanthier
Collecting: Why? For Whom? — Jennifer Alleyn


Gwenaël Bélanger, Hugo Bergeron, Patrick Bérubé, Catherine Bolduc, Olga Chagaoutdinova, Sylvie Cotton, Patrick Coutu, Michel Daigneault, Jean-Sebastien Denis, René Donais, Jessica Eaton, Daniel Erban, Éliane Excoffier, Louis Fortier, Yan Giguère, Sophie Jodoin, John Kissick, Chris Kline, Valérie Kolakis, Kristiina Lahde, Jean-François Lauda, Alexis Lavoie, Rick Leong, Jacinthe Lessard-L., Laura Letinsky, François Morelli, Serge Murphy, Nadia Myre, Ed Pien, Yann Pocreau, Jean-Benoît Pouliot, François Quévillon, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, Nicolas Ranellucci, Sylvie Readman, Natalie Reis, François Simard, Yves Tessier, Chih-Chien Wang, Max Wyse, Balint Zsako.

Under the direction of Sylvette Babin

Selling price: 25,00 $ $15,00
192 pages, colour, 160 x 227 mm
Bilingual (French – English)
ISBN 978-2-9809052-4-7

Published by Les éditions Esse
Creation date: 2011
Country: Canada




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