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Gwenaël Bélanger — La maisonnette

- 2006

Gwenaël Bélanger, La maisonnette, 2006.

The artist thanks Jean-François Gauthier.


Gwenaël Bélanger lives and works in Montreal. His research focuses on the inherent simplicity of things, playing with the image as well as the gaze. What he is looking for and trying to reveal in the mundane is the unsuspected meaning that the superficial eye is bound to miss. In his attempt to expose simplicity, he often uses irony to bypass triviality. He has had solo exhibitions at Optica (Montreal), at the Centre des arts actuels Skol (Montreal), at Galerie Graff (Montreal) and at Engramme (Quebec City). He has participated in several group exhibitions such as the triennial L’Art qui fait Boum! (2003) and the Manif d’art 3 (Manifestation internationale d’art de Québec, 2005) where he received the Public’s Award.

Gwenaël Bélanger is represented by the Galerie Graff in Montréal and the Nettie Horn Gallery in London, UK.


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