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Evergon — Ramboy with Glads

- 2008

Evergon, Ramboy with Glads, « Ramboys: a Bookless Novel » serie, 1994.

This image was shot in Chicago in 1994 while Evergon was artist-in-residence at the Art Institute of Chicago. Exposed on Black and White Neg/Pos Polaroid 669 film and printed as a 24 x 20 inch silver gelatin portrait which was processed in archival selenium toner.

“Ramboys: a Bookless Novel” was a ten-year photographic project of a rambling, bastardized Baudelairian novel where each chapter meandered off, pending the life of the model and Evergon’s fiction. Gossip had it, Joe was a Cinderfella, adopted in Chile by a rich North American family who used him as a domestic to their family; including two “blonde” daughters. In Ramboy with Glads, Joe is Cinderfella Sublime: soft-spoken, quiet and internally “sad,” a passive stunner with dark eyes and soft, smooth, olive skin and cherubic lips. In other RB works, he embodied the little tough, bantying about with a punkish demeanor or the dark Stag Amour lover.


Evergon: a.k.a. Celluloso Evergonni, Eve R. Gonzales, Egon Brut. Evergon's work represents a 38-year international career as educator and artist/photographer imaging primarily gay male culture. Concerned with technology, his works have explored non-silver processes, electrostatics, instant imaging (culminating in 1 x 2 meters colour Polaroids), life-size holograms, silver gelatin prints and digital imaging. Recent bodies of work include “Ramboys: a Bookless Novel” (fabricated document of boy culture), “Manscapes” (documented fiction/action of cruising grounds), “Margaret & I” (larger-than-life nudes of his mother), “Chez moi: Domestic Content” (images gleaned from his trove of memorabilia and self-portraits), and “XXX/L” (re-enactment images of self with models exploring the relationship between imaged pornography and icons of Western Art). He is currently working on a text piece.

Evergon is represented by Galerie Trois Points in Montreal, by Edward Day Gallery in Toronto and by Galerie St-Laurent + Hill in Ottawa.



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